Fontana FUSD

Navigating Labor Compliance - Fontana FUSDs Success Story

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On our jobsite in Fontana, FUSD, we have encountered a fair share of challenges when it came to labor compliance. In order to meet these new labor compliance challenges, our team adapted. Through strategic planning and commitment, the Elite team has become experts in skilled and trained workforce requirements, therefore ensuring project success.

The project requires a 30% Journeyman Graduate force for Operating Engineers and a 60% Journeyman Graduate force for Laborers. So, we recognized the importance of meeting labor compliance standards, especially for skilled laborers and operators. This led to an investment in building an internal workforce team, consisting of Journeyman graduates. This internal talent pool ensured readiness to meet project demands.

Key to our success in meeting percentages has been meticulous reporting. By implementing robust reporting mechanisms, we streamlined the process, ensuring accuracy and compliance. This effort not only benefited their operations but also facilitated the flow of funds throughout the project ecosystem. Our GC’s get paid without a hitch which means we get paid without a problem. Everybody wins!