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Why Choose Elite?

At Elite Earthworks, we're all about bringing that big-time contractor capability straight to your doorstep — but with a personal touch you just won't find anywhere else. When you work with us, you're working with folks who make things happen. We're all-in for every project we take on, using nothing but the best gear and the brightest talent that Southern California has to offer to make sure your project isn’t just completed, but perfected.

Our seasoned experience ensures professional handling and attention to detail from start to finish. We also boast the most up-to-date software and equipment in the industry, making sure your job is estimated and completed quicker than you can say ‘’break ground.’’ Our approach to the latest technology means we deliver the sharpest, most efficient budgets and proposals, maximizing your project's value every time.

By choosing Elite, you wisely select a partner dedicated to excellence and prepared to take your project from concept to completion with expertise and integrity.

Why Choose Elite

Our Story

Founded in 1989 by Andrew Backlund, Elite began as GK Backlund, growing into a leading excavation contractor and a go-to for grading and demolition in Southern California. Incorporated in 2011 and renamed to Elite Earthworks in 2013, we've built our name on reliability, quality, and expertise in California public works. Whether it's precise grading or comprehensive demolition, our team is committed to excellence.

Elite Earthworks story

Our Technology

Leveraging 3D modeling and GPS technology, we deliver each project with unmatched accuracy. This method keeps our clients updated on their project's status, offering transparency every step of the way. With our state-of-the-art Field Tracking software, we gain immediate insights into job costs, refining our estimates to ensure efficient and economical bidding. This streamlined process is designed to save our clients money across excavation, public works in California, and specialized grading and demolition services.

Elite Earthworks technology

Our Core Beliefs

At Elite Earthworks, our values are the heartbeat of everything we do. Safety first, because nothing else matters if we're not all going home at the end of the day. Efficiency and quality? They’re what we’re known for, ensuring your projects exceed expectations. We believe in keeping our team sharp with ongoing training, making sure we’re always ahead of the curve. Our focus? You. Every service, every interaction, is about making your experience as positive as possible. And innovation is how we stay at the forefront, always bringing you the very best in the business. Our promise of clear communication, expert engineering solutions, and strict compliance isn't just talk. It's our way of showing we're serious about delivering excellence, project after project.

  • Safety

    For us, safety is our foundation. We go above and beyond to protect our team, ensuring every protocol is followed and ingrained in our daily operations.

  • Efficiency

    We fine-tune every aspect of our projects, from workflows to resource allocation, guaranteeing timely completions and high-quality outcomes.

  • Quality of Work

    Our focus on detail and commitment to incredible quality guarantees that every project surpasses both industry benchmarks and client hopes.

  • Training

    We’ve always been dedicated to continuous learning. Our comprehensive training programs keep our team armed with the latest knowledge and techniques to tackle any challenge.

  • Customer Focused

    Going beyond our clients' expectations is what we aim for. We're all about open communication and are focused on providing custom solutions.

  • Innovation

    We're driven by the belief that there’s always a better way to build. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and creative problem-solving, we lead projects that redefine what's possible.

Elite Earthworks making a difference in Uganda

Knowledge Without Borders

Our grading expertise has no limits, as we go beyond the borders of Southern California to reach the beautiful region of Uganda—a place brimming with culture, opportunities, and plenty of potential for growth.

In collaboration with local organizations, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Ugandan community by training residents, endorsing sustainable construction projects, and providing a helping hand in Uganda’s infrastructure projects.

Our mission? To leave a lasting legacy that will help steer the future in the right direction. We aim to empower and uplift those who call Uganda home, all while making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and the broader community.

Together, we move forward in creating a brighter, more sustainable chapter for Uganda and its wonderful residents.

Elite Earthworks in Uganda